overcoming second thoughts



It’s under six weeks until we leave.
We’re supposed to be stepping up the miles, but we hadn’t walked in nearly two weeks – life stuff got in the way.
Maybe that’s why today’s should-have-been-easy walk was a struggle. Maybe it was that we didn’t take our poles – perhaps they help more than we realise. Maybe it was all the stairs – give us hills to climb and we’re happy, but plonk stairs in front of us and you can feel the discouragement in the air.

So we walked not even 8km and could not bear the thought of doing it twice more on one day. Certainly wouldn’t want to do it again tomorrow. Giving up before leaving is not an option, so I can see that we need to prioritise walking time in real life and not just on the calendar. Tomorrow I’ll choose a path sans stairs…and we’ll take our poles, too.


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