why is this?

2012-09-22 Jaala Spain 002

“Poverty is a great cutter-off and riches a great shutter-off.”
― Lawrence Durrell, Justine


4 thoughts on “why is this?

  1. similarly, I was reading Jean Vanier yesterday:
    “The cry of the poor is threatening to the rich person within us. We are sometimes prepared to give money and a little time, but we are frightened to give our hearts, to enter into a personal relationship of love and communion with them. For if we do so, we shall have to die to all our selfishness and to all the hardness of our heart.”

  2. hmmm…. yes and no (am I allowed to do that????)
    yes – because if I said “no” it wouldn’t be acknowledging or applauding the huge difference that the regular or occasional contributions to charity can make (e.g., sponsoring a child, saying “yes” when the charity worker knocks on the door asking for money, or saying “yes” when someone doing a 1000 km walk asks for sponsorship 😉 )
    no – sure, giving money is great and a very difficult thing for many. But even harder (I think) is ongoing relational commitment which involves heaps of giving, little receiving, lots of sacrifice and time, with little “gain”.

    Vanier is the sort of guy who doesn’t give from a distance. He lives amongst the disabled poor and the rejected to identify with and be with them. And don’t ask me if we are all “called” to do that 😉 What do you think??

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