confessions of an elite athlete


Elite athlete…actually that’s not me!
I remember coming home from school delighted that I had won the high jump. My mother rightly pointed out, “It’s a small school.”
I became a school librarian instead of pursuing a place on the athletics team.
Truth be known that was a better fit for my interests anyway.
I remember sitting inside lost in books as a child. My father would urge me to, “Go outside and get some fresh air.” I would heed his command – with book in hand.
So I’m not sure who is more surprised at me going for a long hike – my parents or me!
In fact, as we trudged up an eternal hill this morning and scrambled up over rocks and stumbled down over tree roots, I realised I don’t really enjoy this….not the actual process. Belief informs my practice – I know the benefits of fresh air and exercise, I see the results of more peaceful kids after a day of hiking, I understand that it’s good for us and I do like the awesome views and watching fantails flit beside us……and so we do it.
We decided to use this “thing that we do” to bless others. We won’t write any records, I’m not interested in being the fastest or walking the furtherest….we just set a little goal and we’ll go for it. Funnily enough, time as a librarian may well have started me on this almost-athletic path; the paid librarian took a book from the shelf one day and gave it to me to read and it sparked an interest in taking a long walk. Now it is almost happening.



Look at today’s climb: 3km straight up, total elevation gain 753m, 9.5km at a fair clip (over 4.5km/hr even including photo stops) No wonder it’s not my favourite activity!!

PS. The book was “Walk Across America”, and when I read it recently it did not capture me in the way it did as a thirteen-year-old……but now I am doing my own walking anyway – perhaps it has served its purpose.


2 thoughts on “confessions of an elite athlete

  1. Isn’t it amazing how the books we read as kids help shape the people we become? This was a great post, and I could identify with so much of it.

    • Nadine – one thing I did lot of as a child was pore over an atlas and plan routes to get around the world – just imagine if google maps had been around then!

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