Lake Wainamu again

Comparing photos from the camera with the ones from the phone in the previous post









3 thoughts on “Lake Wainamu again

  1. Man oh man, now I miss NZ- so many beautiful spots of nature so easy to get to. (I love NL, but miss that a lot.) Umpteenth note to self to come down there again!

  2. Yvette, that’s what so amazing about being here. We’re in a reasonable sized city (well, over a million people), but in half an hour or so can be in any number of beautiful spots – lake, beach, bush. Actually, we can walk into those ranges right from our house and don’t need to take the car at all, but it’s nice to do new trails.
    BTW, thanks for your donation to the walk. We really appreciate it.

  3. No worries- I’ve enjoyed reading your words for so long now, one place or another, and am a fellow Half the Sky enthusiast. 🙂

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