sacrifice that made me weep

We have friends who have lots of kids and little money. And then they go and take in more kids, not because they can afford to (they can’t), but because they have enormous hearts. These friends are donating $100. They don’t even know where their food is coming from some days. I got a lump in my throat when I heard what they would give.
Without mentioning names I told the kids this story and we stopped to give thanks to God for these people and to ask Him to bless them 100-fold for their sacrificial generosity. We talked about the widow recorded in the Bible who gave only a penny, but it was all she had and how that expressed her love of God and her reliance on Him to provide for her needs – our friends are just like the widow.

That night there was a letter on my bed beside an envelope that clattered with coin.

Dear Mum and Dad,
I would like to make a donation to charity water.
I would like to donate all my $50 to charity water plus the $10 from the A***s from xmas plus the money in the envelope (All my cash)
Would you mind putting it to charity water?
The total should come to $65.20
I wanted to donate before but I also wanted to keep my cash, however the story mum told me this morning was the inspiration I needed.
Love you lots

Another lump in my throat, only this one squeezed out of the corner of my eye and trickled down my cheek.
Generosity inspired. No guilt.
Sacrifice struggled through. Not compelled.
Readily given. Nothing withheld.

I ask God that He will continue to woo our children, our friends to give themselves completely to Him for the rest of their lives.

No photo today – a poem, instead….

When he has more than he can eat
To feed a stranger’s not a feat.

When he has more than he can spend
It isn’t hard to give or lend.

Who gives but what he’ll never miss
Will never know what giving is.

He’ll win few prizes from his Lord
Who does but what he can afford.

The widow’s mite to heaven went
Because real sacrifice it meant.
-Edgar A. Guest


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