water for life ………………….. (aka Kaleisha’s speech)

This is Kaleisha taking a break on the Camino.
She is fully supportive of us leaving her at home by herself <wink> and wrote a speech for charity: water to show her support.
(Then we offered her the opportunity to go to India….and she is supporting that too)

Spain Sept 10 El Acebo (13)

before you start: whenever you come across a red asterisk like so * you need to imagine Kaleisha clicking her fingers loudly – better still, maybe you could read out loud and click too. You’ll see why later.

Water For Life

charity: water is an organisation that is helping stop the water crisis that exists in our world today. Crisis is NO exaggeration. Every day people are going without clean water; over a billion of them. They have no choice but to drink water that animals have bathed in,* water from stagnant ponds, water that many people wouldn’t even dream of going near. Women and children all over Africa are spending at least 3 hours a day – every day – collecting* water. This is time that they could be spent raising a family and getting an education. They get up before dawn and go to bed late at night. This rough lifestyle, combined with drinking the dirty water, can lead to very bad health. Many people suffer from dehydration, diarrhoea and many even die!! Daily people are dying through no fault of their own.*

But as bad as this seems, there is a solution! In 2006 Scott Harrison started a non-profit organisation called charity: water with the mission to bring fresh water to every single person in the world who currently has to drink muddy and un-purified water. They mainly work in Southeast Asia*, Africa and Latin America. Drills are bought, wells dug, springs protected, rainwater saved, pumps fitted and more safe fresh water reaches more people.
Every twenty dollars that is received can bring fresh water to one person for the rest of their life. Every twenty dollars* can change another person’s life! One person at a time and slowly, but surely this crisis can be solved.

So what part can you play and how can you help? How can you help bring this water crisis to an end? One solution is fundraising. Many people* have walked across America knowing that every time they put one foot in front of the other, they are getting one step closer to bringing water to someone through the people who sponsor them. People have ridden bikes; they have sat on the side of the road selling lemonade. It isn’t hard to save lives.* Another significant way to raise money is to pledge your birthday. Instead of neatly wrapped presents you ask your friends to donate money that will go towards charity: water. Remember, it only takes 20 dollars to change a life.

All the public funds that are donated to charity: water are used on water projects.* They have found other ways to pay staff (they have an online store where you can purchase funky products and there are some big private donors who pay running costs) so that 100% of the money you give goes directly to a water project.

Clean water is a basic need and the lack of it is killing many. In fact, * every time that I have clicked my fingers a mother has lost a baby to a water related disease. That means that in the time you have been listening to me at least nine babies have died.

With your help we can solve this problem. The crisis can be brought to an end. Will you be someone to change some else’s life? *
Remember $20 saves one person. How many lives will you save?

Obviously the speech is not particular to our campaign – it was written as part of her Africa study last year at a time when we had not even fully committed to doing the walk-for-water. The good news for you is it’s even easier to make a difference than she suggests – you won’t need to man a lemonade stand or walk across America. We’ll do the walking, you can donate some dollars.
If Kaleisha’s speech is the catalyst to make you decide to give, would you mind leaving a comment saying so – this will encourage her to continue to use her voice to serve others. Thanks.

PS Hopefully later today our campaign will go live on the charity: water website…..you will be able to donate!


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