From the waterfront

In the name of education, this homeschooling family is spread out along the waterfront on a Friday morning…..the one with the arm in a cast is determining just what her limits are- so far nothing has been ruled out, not even the flying fox. The mama is trying out the wordpress app when out of wifi range (of course she could have sat at home and turned the wifi off, but this is far more pleasant a classroom). The two who made loud comments about how much work they had to do when I mentioned an outing seem to have forgotten their workload – I suspect something changed when I invited them to put their longboards in the car! Grandpa is also working on the physical education programme – zipping up and down on his bike. We’ve witnessed one guy try to mow him down; thankfully he’s a defensive rider. Overheard playground conversations have informed us all – the tooth fairy in this part of town brings $5, people get $900K when they sell their rental properties, the dinosaur cover on the front of a child’s scooter was imported from the UK…..this sure ain’t West Auckland!
Travel – even across town – broadens your experiences!


Postscript from the computer added after publishing:

Wowsers – look at that – I managed to do it all from the phone.
I remember sitting on the Trans-Mongolian train and Rob getting all excited about the possibility of publishing a blogpost from his phone – I didn’t share the exctiement, but to be fair, it didn’t work that time! This time it did. And the non-techno girl managed to do it. All. By. Herself.
Roll on camino for some good pictures and stories.


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