do you speak Spanish?

When we went last year, some of the older kids had been learning Spanish and so we gave them the responsibility of doing the talking.
Of course, once you’re on the ground you pick stuff up and I came home knowing things like: Do you have beds for eleven people? * We are from New Zealand * Where is the supermarket? * emergency * radiology department * it’s broken * sandwich with ham * sandwich with cheese * sandwich with ham and cheese * coffee with milk (not that I drink it, but everyone else talked about it).
Once we made the decision to go again, we became good friends with Scotsman Mark from the Radio Lingua Network as the four younger children and I started going through Coffeebreak Spanish lesson podcasts downloaded to my phone. We have the basics under control – it is empowering to be able to manage basic communication. And it means we’ll be able to talk with people who do not speak Polish, German or English. While many do, and English is often the lingua franca amongst pilgrims, we love to be able to make the effort to connect with people in their heart language, even if we mangle it.
We have written up a short charity: water speech and a longer explanation, and will have them translated into Spanish and we’ll learn them off by heart. It’s how we learnt Polish twenty-plus years ago…learning a short paragraph to practise with people every day. This time we’ll say our piece over and over to whoever we meet and certainly pick up more Spanish in the process as well.
Do you know a fluent Spanish speaker in Auckland who might help us?

Spain Sept 9 Rabanal (5)


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