would you give more?

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Would you give more because we made it harder on ourselves? I’ve been thinking about this since the issue was raised a few weeks ago.

On the one hand we’ve had someone imply it looks far too much like a fun holiday and we should just call it that. On the other hand, we’ve had people say we should stay in NZ so that we don’t have to be separated from our family for so long and so that we wouldn’t have to spend so much. If we did it in NZ we wouldn’t have to leave our family for such a stretch – true, but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make. And we are so aware that many people would *like* to lose their family for a couple of months – the fact that we will find it hard means we have something special to treasure.
If we did it in NZ it might cost a little bit less. True, but again, we’re willing to pay the price.
You could call it making it harder on ourselves, or not choosing the easiest path.

But I suspect that whatever we decided to do, there would be people who disagreed. It wouldn’t be hard enough. It wouldn’t be good enough. It could be more. It could be for longer. We could do something differently. Yes, yes yes to all of that.

But we’re going to do what we can. Certainly, we could always do more…does that make what we do manage not enough?
We’ll do what we can and if someone can get excited and join us, then we’ll be grateful. If others don’t share our enthusiasm, then we understand completely. We’re not all the same. For our part, we’re really excited!

I don’t think people need a gimmick to give to. There are a gazillion outstretched hands begging for your donated dollar. People who want to give will do so. They will check out causes, charities, NGOs, financial statements, charity ratings, and they’ll give.
We’ve chosen a charity that ticks all the boxes for us in terms of transparency, engaging in real life-saving work, empowering the people they serve, partnering with others, being accountable….we are willing to give to these guys. We hope some of you might be too.
If you’re interested, maybe you’d like to LIKE our facebook page and you’ll get twice-weekly updates before we leave and then hopefully-daily (dependent on internet connection) updates while we walk – possibly even each-day-in-photos too.


4 thoughts on “would you give more?

  1. I reiterate my previous comments, you could also do an awful lot *less*! Don’t diminish what you are doing, it’s leagues ahead (almost literally) than what most people do.

    • Actually I think (although I didn’t write it in the post) the key is to not compare. By all means, check your own motivation for something and think through the details, but do not measure what you do against what someone else does. Appreciate your support.

  2. Hi Rachael. Do what you believe in. Do what works for you. You need to be true to your passion, and that means you and your family work out what is worth while and others make the decisions to back you or not. I know I’ll be backing you!

    • Thanks Sandra. It’s amusing to me – I nearly didn’t post this, because I felt deep inside that I was satisfied with our decision and happy to just run with it. But I woke up sick and did not have time to write anything else…..and this is the post that has brought in comments!

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