poverty & power

2012-09-25 Jaala Spain (14)

“Even today we don’t pay serious attention to the issue of poverty, because the powerful remain relatively untouched by it. Most people distance themselves from the issue….”
― Muhammad Yunus, Banker to the Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty

Scott Harrison was a powerful man in New York. He was also untouched by poverty and certainly did not pay attention to it. In his own words, he was “for the most part living selfishly and arrogantly”. Despite his success, he was desperately unhappy and knew things needed to change. He wanted to revive a lost Christian faith with action and asked the question: What would the opposite of my life look like?

And he came face to face with poverty. As a photojournalist, he travelled to Africa. Africa where there was no public electricity, running water or sewage. Africa where there were leper colonies. He spent time in one, as well as remote villages. He didn’t just take photos of people; he was touched by them.

Long story short, he started charity: water.

That’s his story. What about yours?
What power do you have that you could wield today? What are you touched by?

How do you think we distance ourselves from the poor?

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