another compelling reason to *not walk in NZ*

Spain Sept 21 Hospital da Cruz

Walking in NZ would have the potential to be slightly cheaper than going to Spain (only slightly, we’ve discussed that before). The argument goes that we could then donate the difference in cost directly to charity: water. You readers have been very gracious in embracing the idea that going to Spain is a good one – so we don’t have to try to convince you of that. Nevertheless, there is another reason…..

Walking in Spain offers something that walking in NZ wouldn’t. If we edge around the East Cape or clamber over the crags of the Southern Alps, how many people will we meet? A few. We might even get an article in the Ruatoria Times (or its equivalent). But if we walk across Spain we will meet new people every day, both locals from whom we might buy lunch or whose house we might stay in, and also fellow peregrinos (pilgrims), lots and lots of peregrinos. We will be able to share our story over and over and over. Some of those people might be inclined to become our sponsors, some of them might tell their friends and family about the project.

It’s possible that the greater exposure could well exceed the greater cost of getting us around the world (and at the end of the day, we are paying our way completely, so all sponsorship money goes directly to the project anyway. Can I make that clear? We pay each and every euro-cent of our way ourselves and seek sponsorship only for the water project)

Now when you see the shoes lined up outside the dormitory and see the morning hordes trekking up the street, do you get the feeling we’ll meet more people with whom to share our story in Spain?

Spain Sept 17 18 Sarria (33)steady stream of peregrinos and none of them are us


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