1,000km walk-for-water

Spain Sept 25 006

Every day women and children spend 200 million hours collecting water for their families. We (four kiwi kids aged 8-13 and their mum) want to identify with those families in a practical way and raise money to fund a clean water source for some of them.  In May-June 2014 we are going to walk 1,000km across Spain to raise money for charity: water. Click HERE to donate if you’d like to.

$20 gives clean, fresh and safe drinking water to one person for their whole life.

5,000 people giving just two cents per kilometre (or $20) would raise $100,000.
Are you able to give and would you mind telling others, too? You could hit the LIKE button over on the left under the slideshow or share on your favourite social media sites (you’ll find some handy little links at the end of any post you click on).


6 thoughts on “1,000km walk-for-water

  1. I have followed your amazing family starting with planning Pilgrims Progress.
    I look forwad to this new chapter ,would love to sponsor your walk.
    Joyce Mills

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